Hennie Vaatstra (*1970)

My early musical training took place on the Municipal school of music in my hometown, Breda.
After graduation from highschool, I studied the organ with Arie J. Keijzer at the Rotterdam Conservatory from 1987 until graduation in 1993. On receiving the organ diploma I started to work with Wilhelm Precker in Cologne for about two and a half years.
Then, in 1996 I entered the organclass of Bram Beekman at the Brabant Conservatory, to work with him for the soloist diploma in organplaying, which was rewarded following two recitals in 1998 (distinction 'very good').

Since 1990 I am active as a concertorganist, playing many concerts as soloist and as continuoplayer in the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic and Belgium. My repetoire is quite extended, but I do have a slight preference for french music, especially french classical and 20th century music.

As a organist in liturgy I have been active since I was 13, playing weekly in mass since my 14th birthday.
As of september 2002 I am active as organist in the Cathedralchurch of St. Antony of Padua in Breda. It certainly is not the largest church around, but it is a fine example of a neo-classical building, with sublime accoustics, in the very centre of Breda neighbouring the gothic church of Our Lady on the other side of the marketplace. Also the organ is relatively small for a cathedral, but we're developing plans for a renovation somewhere in the (near?) future.
In close cooperation with the cantor/choirmaster my duty will be to lift the music in service (and around it) to the level that suites a Cathedral.
In 2002 also, I participated in the Erfurt International Organ Competition, where I had the honour to be introduced to the internationally renowned Susan Landale, with whom I worked on french 20th century organ music in Paris in 2003.

Besides music I have many other fields of interests, one of which enables me since summer 1998 to also work (full-time) as an IT-specialist in the field of UNIX and Linux server-management, currently as SystemsManager at an internationaly operating IC design house.